2010 / 2011 Men’s Winter Coat Trends

Posted on Nov 15 2010 - 2:14pm by stylesmen

2010 / 2011 Men’s Winter Coat Trends. Trendy styles in men’s outwear for winter 2010 – 2011 season. Many elegant styles have returned this winter with many classic styles making a strong presence on the runway you may need to grab your father’s old dinner coat. Perfectly tailored trench coats, along with strong military Parker styles are the two main hottest looks of the season.

We’ll also be seeing plenty of wool fabrics, fur shearing and even the return of the classic avatar jacket. Rockers or guys who sometimes love to rock can wear looks of leather since leather can be seen in so many items this season from vests to pants we can also expect to see it in outwear as well. Men can also grab leather gloves for even more edge. As far as color goes for this winter season hues of beige and camel are definitely leading the way but looks of brighter colors such as greens and blues have also grabbed many people’s attention. Look below to see some of the hottest trends in outerwear this season.

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