2011 Men’s Fashion Trends – Cropped Tops

Posted on Dec 22 2010 - 11:07am by stylesmen

2011 Men’s Fashion Trends – Cropped Tops. If you’re the type of guys who is always looking for new ways to show off your body then you’ll love the look of cropped tops. The look was very popular in the 90’s and for 2011 we’ll see it make a comeback. Many designers loved this look including Calvin Klein and Yves Saint Laurent just to name a few. They can be worn in the form of hoodies, shirts or even layered over other shirts to create more dentition to the style.  As 2011 gets warmer we’ll see this look worn with shorts and sandals for a even more fresh take on the style. Look below to see how you’ll be wearing the cropped tee for 2011.

cropped top

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