2011 Men’s Haircut and Hairstyle Trends

Posted on Dec 9 2010 - 12:01pm by stylesmen
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2011 Men’s Haircut and Hairstyle Trends. This year the hottest men’s haircuts showcase an array of styles, long hair styles are still very popular while shorter tapered styles remain quite trendy as well.

To give yourself the appearance of more hair or a full haircut choose a style that features many layers which instantly create definition to any hairstyle. Bowl cut bangs are very big this year and are perfect for creating a sweeping motion to frame the eyes and bring more attention to your eyes as a whole. The men’s mohawk is still very popular for 2011 and can be styled with mouse and promenade to create spiky details.

If you’re looking to try something new this year man bangs are a great look. This style is simply created by keeping one side of the front of you hair long while keeping the rest of you hair short and sleeked to the back. It instantly created a look that is extremely seductive and very fashion forward. Look below to see more hairstyles you can try for 2011.

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